Holistic Context

I first found out about Holistic Management through my then teacher, now colleague and friend Byron Joel when I was studying my second PDC at Fair Harvest Permaculture.  While I don’t have a herd of cattle or land larger than a windowsill to manage at the moment, I really connect with the approach of having a holistic goal to guide my decision making.

My Holistic Context isn’t a design per se for my Applied Design Diploma, but more of a compass to guide my general life decisions and as such sits as part of an umbrella for my life more generally. It is very much an aspirational visioning tool, I don’t have land or children yet, but they were very much a part of what I’d like my life to include in the longer term.  As well as covering my home life, my personal Holistic Context includes my right livelihood, love intentions, connections with place and lifelong learning.

It will be updated and reviewed over time. Holistic Context May 2018


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