Textil Müller Treasure.

I finally got my favourite sewing machine, a vintage Husqvarna Viking 2000 – 6440, repaired and it only cost €50. I’d been putting it off sending it to the mechanic for over 2 years. So I went out and celebrated by visiting Textil Müller in Wels. I’m pretty sure that 90% of the fabric in stock was there when I last visited in 2012.

Second Ferment Kombucha

Lively Second Ferment Kombucha

A couple of years ago I unsuccessfully tried to clone a scoby from a commercial kombucha (Carpe Diem) that turned out to be pasteurised. Recently I attempted it again with an expensive bottle of very hippyish looking kombucha and was finally successful.

Since then I’ve made three batches of kombucha, each of which has been secondary fermented with dried and fresh fruit to add flavour and carbonation. This latest bottling coincided with some pretty warm weather and some very, very fizzy bottles which had to have the excess gas released to prevent explosion!


The water that tops the barley

The water that tops the barley

A reminder that unless you plant seeds nothing can grow.

To the right are tomatoes for the Hafengarten community garden, behind the cat’s barley grass is an assortment of edible flowers, herbs that are waiting to grow and fenugreek sprouts.

Es ist mir Blunzngröstl

Es ist mir Blunzngröstl

Tim’s been making Blunzngröstl lately – refried bloodsausage with fried potatoes and freshly grated horseradish. And invariably we drink a Most (Austrian Sour Apple Cider) that’s mixed with soda water.

It might be worthwhile forgetting what I wrote about salads a minute ago – pigs’ blood fried up with onion and potatoes is the bomb.

Biscuit Street Brauhaus – Maiden Voyage

Biscuit Street Brauhaus - Maiden Voyage

I rarely drink beer and The Maths Captain invariably dry retches after the first sip – but despite this I received a beer brewing kit from him for Christmas 2014. We bottled our first brew – a standard Coopers Brewery Lager –  in January and in April I mislabelled the bottles that we gave to a friend for their 40th.

In Australia homebrew is totally normal – but here in Austria people either thought we were idiots or akin to crazy gods.



Recently some of the most satisfying meals I’ve eaten have been mixed up hippy salads. Here are lentils, refried potatoes, a local sauerkraut, self fermented beetroot and hidden underneath is feta too. Delicious.

Everyday sunshine

Everyday Sunshine - dyed vintage linen napkins.
Everyday Sunshine – dyed vintage linen napkins.

A day of waiting needed to be filled and so I finally dyed a pair of linen napkins as a belated wedding present. The napkins are a couple of pieces from a hoard of vintage linen that I inherited from my grandmother.

Tim and I have a set of everyday linen napkins which are made out of fabric  from IKEA. They are nowhere as glamourous as this pair, but having cloth napkins designated for everyday use has made most meals feel that little more special.  Hopefully the couple who receive this pair enjoy the splash of sunshine in their kitchen while they eat their muesli.

The linen was dyed with Procion MX dyes (5% of fabric weight – 1:1 004 Lemon Yellow : 010 Golden Yellow).