Signs of Life (Instagram)

I love fermenting kim chi. I love gathering the vegetables, sharpening the knife to slice them and the mindfulness of massaging the mix until the liquids release. I love singing along with @formidableveg as I stuff the veggies into a jar. I love eating the kimchi at the end, but most of all I love it when the fermentation kicks off and spicy juice starts bubbling over. This is this moment when the magic and wildness is known, the yes moment of life being and culture doing. It is akin to seeing that yes your seeds have sprouted or learning that a loved one is becoming a parent. I love this moment as it reminds me that I’m in this life together with tiny microbes and in solidarity with generations of other fermenters around the world. Revolution is here in my kitchen! #fermentrevolution #fermentation #permacultureathome #kimchi #baerlauch #diwo #permaculturewomen #foodporn #handflavour via Instagram

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