Signs of Life (Instagram)

I suffer from huge waves of self doubt and depression which result in total lethargy and inertia. I blame my hormones, living in an apartment, streaming tv services, the patriarchy and capitalism too. I know that doing yoga, eating breakfast, saying affirmations and going outside to talk to people and being in nature helps, but you know INERTIA MAKES ALL THE THINGS HARDER and the self doubt helps me tell myself that those things suck or are lame or won’t work out anyway. Which is f&£%*d. Still I am proud to say that these yoga mats and bolsters were put into use today and I yelled and fell over and cried about how sad I feel but hey at least I did yoga imperfectly and appreciated the ritual of putting mats and bolsters away. Also I did laundry and changed the sheets but still have all the work. #dayoneofyogaagain #newmoon via Instagram

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