Signs of Life (Instagram)

Even though I had to go bed early and missed out on the first night of #unlimited31 performances I woke up in the middle of the night and could not get to sleep again. Phone dead and podcast supply unavailable I found an early #billmollison PDC recording on my laptop.
Traditionally a permaculture course begins with “the reality” of contemporary challenges that we are facing and which permaculture offers solutions to. In the early 1980s acid rain presented a more immediate threat than climate change and so this made up the bulk of Mollison’s initial lecture. In between working out how on earth I could succinctly articulate the myriad of interconnected ways we are messing things up with a little more nuance than “we’re more than a little fucked unless we change now it is so much more than just climate change, capitalism is bad ok, biodiversity loss, running out of s(oil) and actually acid rain is still a thing” and thanking goodness for #doughnuteconomics as a teaching model, I realised that I’d forgotten how to understand and explain pH.

So this morning I started taking notes and working out how to teach what I’d forgotten over the last 20 years since high school chemistry.
#permacultureteaching #ph #acidbase #chemistry #systemchangenotclimatechange via Instagram

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